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Thermal Rotary Inkjet Engraver Machine

INR 500000

THERMAL PRINT The SMRTR-59 offers the Thermal print head technology. The double row of print head with 208 nozzles print screen in black ink of 600 dpi, and engraver using black ink, the SMRTR-59 is capable of printing in ultra-fine Dots, The Rotary one of the Highest Engraver on the market today. But can printing width size 59 only, so requirement small size screen print. SALIENT FEATURES * Minimization of joint problems since the whole screen is exposed at one instance. * The quality of designs exposed are far superior to the film based exposing. * Reduction in step for screen preparation means faster output. * Cost reduction up to 30% is possible due to the minimization of screen rejection. * Faster preparation of repeat designs as no time is needed to locate the achieve films. * Minimization or elimination of registration issues.

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