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Thermal Flatbed HS Inkjet Engraver Machine


Modal No. SMRTF-HS 59

Head Cleaning Syatam Manual

Print head Thermal Print Head Tech. 

Resolution 1200 dpi

Machine Dimension 2/3/4 Meter Length Abailable

Computer Interface USB/ Network (Ethernet)

Maximum printing width 1500mm

Maximum printing Length Upto 2m to 3.50 meter

Environment Temperature 20 c to 25 c

Humidity 40% to 60%

Voltage AC 220V

Frequency 50Hz/60Hz

Engraver 550w

Standby 250w

Weight 450kg

Ink Delivery Continuous Ink Supply Systems With Refillable Reservoirs

Aceptable File Formats BMP

RIP System Photoshop

Salient Features

* Minimization of joint problems since the whole screen is exposed at one instance.

* The quality of designs exposed are far superior to the film based exposing.

* Reduction in step for screen preparation means faster output.

* Cost redction up to 30% is possible due to the minimization of screen rejection.

* Faster preparation of repeat designs as no time is needed to locate the achieve films.

* Minimization or elimination of registration issues.

Thermal Technology

The SMRTF-HS 59 offers the Thermal print head technology. The duble row of print head with 416 nozzles print screen in black ink of 1200 dpi, and engraver using black ink, the SMRTF-HS 59 is capable of printing in ultra-fine Dots,

The Rotary one of the Highest Engraver on the market today. But can printing width size 59 only, so requirment small size screen print.

How to Wark

This Technology use print head tiny resistors create heat and this heat vaporized ink to create a bubble .As the bubble Expands, sum of the ink is pushed out of a nozzle into the media.